Treating The Diabetic Foot

I spent several years wrapped up in hoses and headgear, plagued with redness on my face and my nose, and wondering when I was going to see this dramatic improvement in quality of life I kept hearing about. The most significant impact it made early on was the gouge in my healthcare budget! Whenever there is any accident and building collapse there is loss of property and life. There are many injured and there is tremendous loss. In such a case the vicinity of the building is also damaged and there is severe loss.

The vast majority of diabetic foot complications resulting in amputation begin with the formation of skin ulcers. Early detection and appropriate treatment of these ulcers may prevent up to 85 percent of amputations. 6 , 7 Indeed, one of the disease prevention objectives outlined in the “Healthy People 2000” project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is a 40 percent reduction in the amputation rate for diabetic patients. Family physicians have an integral role in ensuring that patients with diabetes receive early and optimal care for skin ulcers.diabetic foot

Type 1 diabetes is classified as an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is the result of the body's own immune system, which fights infections, turning against part of the body. Currently, it is unclear what exactly causes the body's immune system to turn on itself attacking and destroying the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. There are genetic and environmental factors, such as viruses, involved in the development of type 1 diabetes. Researchers are working to identify these factors and prevent type 1 diabetes in those at risk. Modest changes in lifestyle can help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes in those at risk. Here are some helpful tips.

When your feet lose their feeling, they are at risk for becoming deformed. One way this happens is through ulcers. Open sores may become infected. Another way is the bone condition Charcot (pronounced "sharko") Foot This is one of the most serious foot problems you can face. It warps the shape of your foot when your bones fracture and disintegrate, and yet you continue to walk on it because it doesn't hurt. Diabetic foot ulcers and early phases of Charcot fractures can be treated simply with non-surgical measures. Avoid applying a heating pad or hot bottle on your feet; such a heat can cause blisters on your feet.diabetic foot ulcer

To treat corns and calluses , use a pumice stone after a bath to smooth roughened areas. Have a podiatrist treat corns and calluses to be safe. As diabetes is a chronic illness that can result in poor circulation, it is imperative for the diabetic to engage in physical activity In South Florida, the climate allows for many outdoor activities such as walking, dancing, swimming or bicycling. These are good exercises to participate in and are easy on the feet. Maintaining good blood glucose control promotes good circulation as well. Click here to check out our specials on custom on diabetic shoes and NeuRX-TF neuropathy supplements for Diabetes Awareness Month!

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