Achilles Pain Treatment

Achilles Pain Treatment

Achilles Pain Treatment
The Achilles tendon is a band of tough tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. It helps with walking by raising the heel off the ground. The Achilles tendon is prone to disabling injury. It withstands forces of up to 12 times body weight during sprinting. Contributing factors to injury include ignoring the initial pain or discomfort, sudden increases in training and excessive heel cushioning in the heels shoes.

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation help reduce inflammation and pain and reduce the damage to collagen fibers in the Achilles tendon. The AmericanCollege of Foot and Ankle Surgeons recommends that patients who treat the injury in the early stages use these treatment protocols to reduce further damage and get an athlete back to practice and performance as soon as possible.

Dr. Stephen Pribut, from Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Washington DC, recommends cutting back on training and workouts in the initial stages of treatment. Runners should not run on hills and should cut back on any speed work to decrease the workload on the Achilles tendon. Depending on an athlete's previous training level and severity of the injury, this rest may mean stopping all running or cutting back by half.

A variety of causes contribute to Achilles pain and swelling, typically with overuse of this tendon being a primary factor. Simple treatments with natural medication, often prompts healing after injury.

Achilles pain is a condition sometimes called Achilles tendonitis. If overuse triggers degeneration of the tendon tissue, you have a condition called Achilles tendonosis. running can also trigger pain and loss of function.

The AmericanCollege of Foot and Ankle Surgeons recommends that patients who treat the injury in the early stages use several treatment protocols to reduce further damage. This can include drugs and natural medicines.

Avoid strenuous workouts, especially any running or jogging up hills or participating in any work that causes you pain. Wear comfortable shoes that offer proper ankle support, great cushioning and soles that are not too stiff.

The main thing with Achilles injuries is to rest the ankle and to get it treated effectively.

It's very important for you to carefully make your decision in the choosing of a herbal remedy. It's important as you want to know exactly how they work. This is because, a lot of the man made drugs out there, help with the symptoms only. What good is that, as the problem will keep coming back.

Natural herbal remedied gives you the natural tools to help with your problem. So, if possible, always choose a natural remedy. I suspect you may be a newby to herbal remedies and this is fine, just trust in yourself. Find out what's out there.

A recent breakthrough in Achilles pain treatment has been developed by Joe Johnson, a Natural Health researcher. His unique blend of organic plant extracts, reduces inflammation, reduces pain and improves flexibility in the joint. This unique remedy is made from 100% organic plant extracts, and you can read more about this at

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